Austin Dodson

Blue Moon
Blue Moon etching 3"x4"
Yes I Can! Thanks Sammy!
Yes I Can! Thanks Sammy! soft ground etching 8"x10"
Creature of the Night
Creature of the Night etching 3"x5"
Nocturnal Monkeys
Nocturnal Monkeys etching 11"x14"
Night Landscape
Night Landscape etching 4"x6"
First Step
First Step etching 6"x6"
Verdant Valley
Verdant Valley etching 8.5"x8.5"
Masthead drypoint 7"x 10"
It's a Marshmellow World
It's a Marshmellow World etching 8"x10"
Mountains etching 2"x3"
Homestead drypoint 6"x9"
Mountains II
Mountains II etching 2"x3"
It's Between Them
It's Between Them etching 5"x6"
Fool on the hill
Fool on the hill drypoint 7"x21"
Creature from another time
Creature from another time etching 4"x6"
Vision Apparition
Vision Apparition etching 4"x6"
Fish Out of Water
Fish Out of Water etching 6"x8"
Master and Servant
Master and Servant etching 3"x4"
On the hunt
On the hunt etching 2"x3"
Armature drypoint 2"x3"
Neural Bridges
Neural Bridges etching 4"x5"
FallingSleepingDreaming etching 9"x12"