photocopy collage on cloth
photocopy collage on cloth Bark at the Moon bookcover
p 1-2
p 1-2 movie stub, watercolor, ink
p 3-4
p 3-4 xerox, photocopy, beet stamp, ink
p 5-6
p 5-6 pen, ink, collage, colored pencil, xerox transfer
p7-8 ink, watercolor, photocopy
p 9-10
p 9-10 pen, ink, watercolor, letraset
p 11-12
p 11-12 photocopy, ink, pen
p 13-14
p 13-14 lino cut, collage, letraset, pen, ink
p 15-16
p 15-16 collage, ink, pencil, gesso, color pencil
p17-18 coloring book collage, photocopy, receipt, etching, lino cut
p 19-20
p 19-20 pen marker, photocopy, collage, prayer card, watercolor
p 21-22
p 21-22 ink, watercolor, color pencil
p 23-24
p 23-24 pen, pinhole camera print, watercolor, collage
p25-26 ink, pen, marker, photocopy
p 27-28
p 27-28 pencil, ink, watercolor
p 29-30
p 29-30 pen, marker, lino cut, collage, acrylic, photocopy

Bark at the Moon

book open = 7.5" x 13"